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You don't have to come in, there's no need to talk to anyone and best of all you can build your own quote from the comfort of your own home 24/7. Every ceramic coating package comes with the necessary prep work - The steps are super easy and listed below! 

*Please note that all sales are final, there will be no returns or refunds allowed for any online purchase.

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Step #1 - Pick your paint correction

Click the link to the left to select your paint correction level. Paint correction is a vital part of the ceramic coating process. Even if your vehicle is brand new something as simple as an express polish can bring your vehicle's gloss to a whole new level. We offer everything from an express polish which just deepens the paint all the way up to a complete paint correction to remove serious defects, swirling and oxidation. If you want your ceramic coating job to come out as best as it possibly can, then you'll want some level of paint correction. 

Step #2 - Pick your ceramic coating level

Click the link to select your ceramic coating level. Our ceramic coatings range from 2 years to 10 years in warranty level. The difference isn't just in the amount of time the warranty and/or coating will last. With each level you go up the coating provides a thicker, stronger, glossier finish that resists chemicals and etching more than the last level. For instance, our 10 year coating isn't just top of the line because of the lifespan. It provides the slickest, thickest, strongest and glossiest finish available, even if you don't plan on keeping your vehicle for 10 years.

Step #3 - Pick your extras

Step #4 - Check out in full online, pay the deposit only online or call/visit us to go over all of the options

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