Make Your Car look Better Than New

Paint Correction

Even brand new cars can benefit from paint correction. Something as simple as a polish can make even a brand new paint job shine like never before! Don't trust your vehicle's paint to just anyone. Anyone can make paint "shiny" but inexperienced shops will often times leave holograms or buffer marks in the vehicles finish. They also don't measure the paint thickness so they don't know if they are cutting through the clear coat or even thinning out the entire painted finish too thin to provide appropriate protection from the Texas heat. Paint correction is an art form and requires the most patient and trained hands to perform correctly. With today's vehicle factories spraying paint and clear coat as thin as possible, there's not a whole lot of room for you to get the paint polished correctly. The paint correction experts at Siramic Detail have been specially trained on every paint (yes, even jet black paint) to be able to finish it out properly without any marring or buffer marks. Our facility is even equipped with special lighting to show every single line in the paint so we can get your vehicle's finish as close to perfect as possible! 

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