Our 2-year ceramic coating provides a great protection from the elements and its super slick, extremely glossy finish makes your car look better than new. It lasts up to 2 years depending on how you car for it but does not carry a warranty. It does not flake or peel and with proper care will keep your vehicle looking great for years to come and finishes out to 7H on the hardness scale.


Our 5 year ceramic coating is the workhorse of our lineup. It's not quite as slick as the 2 or 10 year coatings but the performance is second to none. At full cure it is rated over 9H in hardness and it drastically increases gloss, provides a mirror shine and protects from oxidation, UV damage, bug etching, bird dropping etching and other chemicals that can permanently damage your vehicle's finish. It carries a 5 year warranty and with proper care it can last much longer than the warranty it carries.


Our 10 year coating is our most popular package among those who want nothing but the best for their vehicles. This coating doesn't just last longer, it provides the slickest, glossiest and strongest finish available. This coating is best paired with the single stage or complete paint correction and includes an extra finishing stage to ensure you get the absolute best possible results. With proper care this package can well outlast the 10 year warranty. No special annual maintenance is required.


We always recommend pairing ceramic coatings with some level of paint correction even on brand new vehicles to achieve the best possible results. 

Ceramic Coatings

Vehicle Size
Coating Level
  • 2-Door: Mustang sized or smaller

    4-Door: Four door sedan 

    Small Truck / SUV: F150 / Chevy Tahoe sized or smaller

    Large Truck / SUV: F250 / Suburban or larger standard passenger vehicle. does not include 18 wheelers, boats or RV

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