With this packge you'll get a non-greasy, non-glossy satin finish just like your OEM plastics, leather and vinyl were meant to have. The 5 year ceramic coating is applied to all interior plastics, fabrics, leather and vinyl. In addition, you'll also get the Transparent interior warranty which protects against damage from spills, stains, burns, rips and tears on all carpeted, vinyl and leather surfaces with a $0 deductible and unlimited repairs up to $1000


Opti-Guard Fabric forms a strong bond with the fibers to prevent removal during cleaning. This means that Opti-Guard remains intact to ensure ultimate car interior protection. This bond between the substrate and the coating creates a surface that produces a very high contact angle when in contact with liquids. Due to this extremely high contact angle, liquids are unable to attach or penetrate the fibers and are repelled in droplets. This means, that the hydrophobic application provides a rebound-like or slide-like effect for liquids that come into contact with these surfaces and will protect the interior of your car. Acting much like water on a lotus leaf, Opti-Guard Fabric ensures high-quality car interior protection; it creates a microcosmic slippery surface on these closed-loop fabrics. Because of these properties, Opti-Guard Fabric works to protect your fabric convertible tops as well. When a liquid hits that fabric top exterior surface, beads are formed and simply roll off the convertible top. This prevents the need for any abrasive cleaning products and prevents wear and tear. When combined with Optimum Fabric Cleaner & Protectant, the Opti-Guard system provides permanent protection for these surfaces. With Opti-Guard fabric, your car fabric protection is maximized.


Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl creates a hydrophobic barrier to chemicals and water on your car leather upholstery and vinyl. The resin contains special matting agents to ensure the manufacturer’s original appearance of your car leather. So, when spills happen, the liquid won’t absorb into the leather. When heat attempts to transfer color stains, it won’t absorb into the leather. When heat tries to age the leather, the UV rays won’t destroy the leather. This is because a high resistance to liquid, UV rays, dirt and pollutants has been created. So, no matter the types of leather in your vehicle, Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl creates superior car leather protection for your car interior.

Interior Ceramic Coating

Vehicle Size
  • 2-Door: Mustang sized or smaller

    4-Door: Four door sedan 

    Small Truck / SUV: F150 / Chevy Tahoe sized or smaller

    Large Truck / SUV: F250 / Suburban or larger standard passenger vehicle. does not include 18 wheelers, boats or RV

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