Every now and then we will all get some sort of odor in our car. Whether you have left the windows down in the rain, got a great deal on a pre-owned smokers car or your stinky unlce Sal sat in your passenger seat after a day out in the hot Texas sun, our Ozone treatment can kill that odor! 


Ozone breaks down and kills odor causing bacteria and viruses in your vehicles interior. Once the vehicle is fully "aired out" after an ozone treatment the smell is usually eliminated. If the resulting odor was caused by a spill or stain, you will most likely need to pair this with our interior detail in order to fully remove the source of the odor. 


* Please note that Ozone has its own unique smell. WHen you first pick up the car you will most likely still be able to smell the Ozone. This will fade oveer the next few days. The "air out" time can be sped up by leaving doors and/or windows open


*Available only at our Katy location 

Ozone Odor Removal

$50.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price

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