Siramic Detail offers 3 different levels of polishing that can be purchased with your ceramic coating package. Paint correction is designed to increase gloss, remove surface defects, reduce/remove swirls and bring out the best in your car's paint. *There are no refunds on coating and paint correction services ordered. Place the order for your vehicle and checkout then we will call you as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.


None: If you do not want to polish your vehicle before coating application, select this option to skip polishing your vehicle. Our standard prep work will still be performed.


Express Polish:

express polish for all paint
reduce surface defects by up to 20%
deepens color and enhances gloss
heavy swirling will not be removed with this package
if swirls are a concern, please ask about the single stage or full correction


Single Stage:

single stage paint correction for all exterior painted surfaces
reduces surface defects by approx. 50%
you may still have some fine lines in the finish
this is typically perfect for brand new cars or daily drivers
includes 6" and 3" polishing


Complete Correction:

complete paint correction for all exterior painted surfaces
removes up to 97% of surface defects
provides the deepest gloss available
this will get the vehicle's finish as close to perfect as possible
includes 6", 3" and 1" cutting and finishing (if applicable)

Paint Correction

Vehicle Size
  • 2-Door: Mustang sized or smaller

    4-Door: Four door sedan 

    Small Truck / SUV: F150 / Chevy Tahoe sized or smaller

    Large Truck / SUV: F250 / Suburban or larger standard passenger vehicle. does not include 18 wheelers, boats or RV

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