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Our 2 year nano ceramic coating is super slick and super hydrophobic. It is stronger and thicker than any wax or sealant and provides a better level of protection against the elements. It also protects from bug stains and bird dropping stains where a standard wax or sealant wouldn't. With an average life expectancy of 2 years you can rely on this coating to keep your vehicle looking great! At 7H it finishes out much harder than factory clear coat. 

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Our 5 year coating is our most popular choice among daily drivers and hardens over 9H. this ceramic coating comes with a 5-year warranty against fading, oxidation, UV damage, bug staining, bird dropping staining and more. If you're looking for solid protection that will last for years to come. Our 5 year ceramic coating will keep your vehicle looking great. 



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If you're looking for the deepest gloss, richest color, strongest finish and slickest feel - the 10 year ceramic coating is for you. This 10 year car paint protection hardens over 9H and is backed by a full 10 year warranty you can be sure your new baby will stay looking new for as long as you have it! If you're ready for unparalleled levels of gloss and an outstanding mirror finish, click the button below to get a quote for your vehicle! 

Every ceramic coating installation from Siramic Detail is held to the highest standards possible. We've spent years researching and perfecting our prep, paint correction and installation process to provide you the best possible result every time while getting your baby back in your hands as soon as possible. In addition to the best possible result, our stringent ceramic coating prep process provides the best possible life span for your coating. Whether it's a brand new vehicle we are protecting or your current vehicle we are bringing back to life we install coatings with the intention of outlasting their respective warranties while providing the highest gloss and best protection possible! We use our own proprietary blend of SiO2 ceramic coating that hardens over 9H. All coatings come with a warranty that covers fading, oxidation, UV damage, bug etching, bird dropping etching and chemical etching/staining. The warranty covers polishing and re-applying coating to the affected area(s).


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